New Addiction Memoir Honored as Finalist in 2018 International Book Awards - June 12th, 2018

Philip Muls was on the verge of losing his family and possibly his career as a sales director for a high-profile international corporation. He had already been through rehab for alcohol addiction three times. If this fourth attempt at recovery failed, he could lose his career, his marriage, perhaps even his life.

P Verhalen Men's Magazine Interview - June 8th, 2018

"It is one thing to write a book, tucked away behind my laptop in the seclusion of my own home, about my successful recovery from an alcohol addiction. It is quite another to be interviewed and have my picture taken and see all the painful details of my past drinking-life splattered all over a men’s magazine. And that is exactly what happened to me these past few weeks." 

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Finding Your Real Self Again Through A World Of Sobriety

"In a world of travel to bright lights, different cultures and lots of beer, it is easy to get caught up in the revelry of drinking with your peers. Not so for Philip Muls who has just released his anticipated book, ‘Mind On Fire.' With a cocktail (pardon the pun) of travel stories, engaging interfaces with his shrink and deep introspection, 'Mind On Fire' is the go-to book today for some real time lessons on how to cope with life after alcohol."

Philip Muls:  Author Story

“My target audience is obviously people who have a dependency on alcohol or drugs, but also people who are compulsive thinkers,” states Philip. “The point of my book is that, during recovery, compulsive thinking and rumination is unavoidable, and I wanted to give guidance on how to overcome that.”

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